Angie Philips (She/Her/Hers) is a lifelong Nebraskan. She grew up in rural western Nebraska before moving to Eastern Nebraska in 2002 where she currently resides in Omaha with her husband and three children. Angie studied Behavioral Science at Bellevue University and spent over a decade working in advocacy roles for at-risk youth and families. After having her 3rd child, Angie spent time at home caring for her children before returning to work at her brother's small family business. This allowed Angie the freedom to focus on her passions; community organizing and humanitarian aid. 

Angie believes in the power of the people and has assisted with the organization of several acts of protest including the Women’s March on Omaha 2017, Omaha Women’s March 2018, Omaha Women’s Day March 2019, Stop the Ban Rally, and Lights for Liberty Omaha. As a Humanist, Angie is devoted to human welfare and believes that we all hold a personal responsibility to lead ethical lives that contribute to the greater good. She has assisted in the development of several grassroots organizations that help raise awareness and organize action as well as organized humanitarian aid such as relief for immigrant families impacted by the O’Neill ICE Raids. Angie calls for the abolishment of ICE and has promised to make humane immigration reform one of her top priorities as a United States Senator.   

 In October 2018, at the suggestion of former State Senator Tanya Cook, Angie founded the Nebraska Progressive Legislative Study Group. LSG is a grassroots group which aims to educate Nebraskans about the Unicameral, encourages participation in helping progressives get elected, and follows and advocates for progressive state legislation. LSG membership recently advocated and testified for several bills including bills which would have provided protections for the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and legislation addressing Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.   

Angie also founded and chairs the Douglas County Democratic Party Women’s Caucus with a mission to “empower women of all ages, advocate for women’s rights, educate on women’s issues, work towards equitable representation of women in leadership both inside and outside of government, and grow the Democratic party.” In full agreement with the platform of the WC, Angie views human rights as inseparable and diversity as inherently intersectional. She acknowledges the ways in which identities operate within systems of power, privilege, and oppression and condemns the additional burdens of discrimination placed on people in marginalized or underrepresented communities.        

As the mother of a teenager and two young children, Angie worries about the direction our country is headed. She worries about the rise of white supremacy and the society and environment we are leaving for future generations. She is ready to take her organizational and advocacy skills to D.C. to push forward policies that improve the lives of everyday Nebraskans and work to save our democracy from the hands of the rising plutocracy that is failing the American people and preventing us from taking action on issues like gun control, healthcare, immigration, climate change, and public education. 

Angie believes that together we can make a Nebraska for everyone, and a country our children can be proud of. 

Today we build a movement, in 2020 we take the Senate!   


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