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Humane Immigration Reform

Our immigration system has been failing for decades. It's time to take a humane, non-partisan approach to immigration and develop humane immigration reform that both keeps our country safe and welcomes our neighbors from around the globe.

Rural Revitalization

Rural communities play a crucial role in meeting the goals of the  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United States in 2015. Rural revitalization includes agricultural production as well as development of non-farm opportunities and improving access to basic needs. Rural communities will lead the way in food security and environmental services.

Public Education

Education is a right. Our public education systems should be free, accessible, and of excellent quality. Our teachers and educators hold one of the most valuable jobs in our society as they care for our children and prepare them to be productive adults in our society. Public education should be fully funded through college, and our educators must be well paid. We must also address the student loan debt crisis, our countries 2nd largest debt.

Climate Crisis

  We don't have time to debate climate change. Science is clear that it is real and we need to take big, bold actions. We must develop a Green New Deal that will address both economic inequalities and climate change. This solution should include moving to clean energy such as wind and solar, refrigerant management, forest restoration, and investing in new innovative technology. 

Criminal Justice Reform

 Our criminal justice system must be reformed so that it is operating equitably and fairly. The current system must be dismantled and rebuilt with a focus on human dignity, equality before the law, and rehabilitation.  This reformation must include community oversight and accountability. We must also end for-profit prisons and improve wrap around services.

Healthcare Is A Right

The United States has the capacity to develop a single-payer health care system to ensure every American has equitable, accessible, and high quality healthcare that includes dental, vision, and mental health care. This plan must also include relief for prescription medication costs and care for disabled and aging adults

Campaign Finance Reform

Running for office is expensive. This has led to an environment where candidates and representatives spend their time catering to large donors rather than speaking with a wide variety of voters. The excessive cost places barriers to running for office and leads to a government that represents the wealthiest citizens. Along with balancing the playing field monetarily, public campaign finance would also break down barriers to running for office and help diversify our representation.

Heal the Wounded

Urban Housing and Development


Environmental Justice

Economic and Social Justice

  Rather than uphold our social and economic rights, our current government caters to corporations and the wealthy. We can ensure our social and economic rights are protected and our economy thrives by strengthening our public resources, advancing equity and justice, and community building.

Women's Equality

Taxes and the Budget

Nebraska Flood Relief

Legalization of Marijuana

National Security





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